About us

Our Vogue Mannequin

We distinguish our product by guaranteeing: a high-quality product and quick delivery for the best price. With a background in retail, wholesale, visual merchandising and creative concepting, we are able to supply a suitable mannequin for every company. Either for high end retail, department stores, chains or individual retailers.

Vogue mannequins can be as individual as real people. All the elements that make up our collections are totally interchangeable so you can create precisely the characters you want. With our current 3D design and prototyping, we are more creative, faster and more cost efficient than ever before.

Endless possibilities

Inspired by global trends and travelling the world, we see different ideas being used in amazingly different ways. Not only in fashion but in architecture, interior design, movies, the media… You name it. Inspiration is everywhere.

Vogue Mannequins adds their dash of Dutch innovation and creativity to make any product uniquely your own.


It’s our vision to use innovation and inspiration to be the authority in the shop window mannequin world.


Our mission is to be the most desired ‘made to measure’ mannequin company in the fashion world.